227.511 Veterinary Clinics and Public Health (120 credits)

IMPORTANT NOTE:There have been changes to this course for 2022. For 2021 enrolments please check the individual offering description below to confirm details for:

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Tuition, demonstration and clinical experience in surgery, anaesthesia, medicine, epidemiology and theriogenology of domestic animals; health and management of production animals; diagnostic procedures, including imaging, necropsies and laboratory tests; and diagnostic reasoning. Professional ethics and legislative obligations to the public and state; the role of veterinary professional organisations and veterinarians as communicators and educators, veterinary business management and the maintenance of physical and mental fitness as a veterinarian. Principles and practical applications of veterinary public health, meat hygiene and quality assurance programmes to meet national and international standards will also be taught. Opportunities for students to gain further experience in chosen areas of interest.

Note(s): Students will be required to be at Massey University until the end of each semester. The Examination dates posted on the University Website do not include Practical or other SoVS organized examinations, most of which take place after the formal written examination. Travel plans should therefore be made on the basis of being at Massey until the semester end date unless and until the Undergraduate Programme Office advises that an earlier departure date will be permitted.

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  • Prerequisite(s): 120 credits from 2274xx

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Year Semester Mode Location
2021 * Double Semester non-standard Internal Manawatu Campus
2022 Double Semester non-standard Internal Manawatu Campus

* Due to recent changes you should carefully check this offering to confirm details before you enrol.