Information for school leavers

Studying at University is different from school. The difference most students notice is the need to be an independent learner. You are expected to take on much more responsibility for your own learning. This includes tracking down reference material, keeping up with course work without being monitored and submitting assessments without reminders.

Massey has a wide range of student services and support that are there to give you advice or assistance when you need it. However, students are encouraged to seek assistance themselves, rather than wait for support to be offered.

Learning how to develop your career goals is a skill. You may have worked with your school Careers Adviser; at Massey you will find support and advice at the Careers and Employment Service. They can help you plan your career, write your CV, and learn how to successfully apply for a job.

If you are planning on living away from home, and you are looking for accommodation near a Massey campus, check out our student accommodation options.

In the following video, Massey students talk about the differences they have experienced between school and university.