Bhawat Chiamjinnawat

Doctor of Philosophy, (Agribusiness)
Study Completed: 2017
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Factors Affecting Strategic Marketing Decisions in Agriculture: A Study of Fruit Farmers in Thailand

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Strategic marketing decisions (SMDs) of farmers, to achieve economic goals such as profit maximisation, production efficiency and market orientation, are essential elements in response to the worldwide transformation of agri-food marketing systems. However, farmers usually have multiple goals that are linked with non-economic goals including social and environmental aspirations and motivations. Characterised by small-scale operations, farmers in Thailand were generally not considered as leading contributors in agri-food value chains and as a result, available research on SMDs, which reflect farmers' strategic capabilities, is scarce in a Thailand context. Mr Chiamjinnawat investigated the SMDs of fruit farmers in Thailand and found that SMDs that were focused on high-value market participation were positively related to business size, experience, perceived importance of market requirements, and farmers' goals in regards to effectiveness. His results imply that different types of farmers need to be encouraged in various ways to further develop their strategic capability.

Dr Elena Garnevska
Dr Panos Fousekis