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Dunusinghe De Silva

Doctor of Philosophy, (Chemistry)
Study Completed: 2015
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Magneto-structural correlations of Iron-salicylaldoxime clusters

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Magnetic properties of nano-materials are widely studied as they have the potential to radically increase the memory capacity of today’s electronic devices. In addition, advances in the field of single molecule magnets (SMMs) are required for the development of quantum computers. Miss De Silva designed, synthesised and characterised a series of new oxidised metallic iron-containing chemical compounds based around an organic scaffold. She found that the nuclearity, the number of central metal atoms in the coordination compound, and other structural parameters of the complexes were dependent on the particular scaffold used and the magnetic properties of each of the complexes were antiferromagnetic in nature. A strong correlation between the Mössbauer spectroscopic results, structural properties and magnetic properties was established. Her research results provide an insight into the viability of building SMMs based around the salicylaldoxime scaffold employed in her work.

Professor Paul Plieger
Professor David Harding