Shane Win

Doctor of Philosophy, (Management)
Study Completed: 2018
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
The Multi-Lens Approach to Understanding Subsidiary Contributory Role Development

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Subsidiary role development refers to development of intra-firm international responsibilities of foreign subsidiaries, through which the subsidiaries contribute to international markets of their parent multinational enterprises. This development is crucial for the long-term growth and survival of multinational enterprises in the global market, and economic growth of the host country in terms of export revenue. Guided by a multi-theoretical lens approach, Mr Win examined subsidiary role development in terms of the subsidiaries’ expansion and renewal of international responsibilities by investigating factors affecting subsidiary role expansion and role renewal. Empirical data was based on nine case studies of foreign-owned subsidiaries in New Zealand. The thesis provides new insights through the development of two conceptual frameworks and a number of associated research propositions in relation to the subsidiaries’ expansion of international responsibilities at various levels and their renewal of endangered and/or lost international responsibilities.

Associate Professor Paul Toulson
Dr Yuanfei Kang
Professor Martina Battisti