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Shamalka Perera

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School of Management
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
Understanding Inclusion: An Exploratory Study of Women ICT Employees’ Experience.

Research Description
Work group inclusion is an approach that is widely used by many organisations to adapt the changing demographics of their current workforce. My research is an exploratory study on females, employed in the ICT profession, perceptions of work group inclusion. It addresses how employees understand work group inclusion and its core elements, belongingness and uniqueness. I am investigating whether employees seek to maintain a balance between belongingness and uniqueness to feel included in a work group. In order to answer the research questions, semi-structured interviews were conducted. This in-progress research, via thematic data analysis, has identified an understanding of how belongingness and uniqueness shape women's perceptions of work group inclusion. The findings of this study will advance knowledge on inclusion in the ICT profession and in a practical sense, the results will help HR practitioners to design and develop better inclusive policies in organisations.

Personal Description
Coming from Colombo, Sri Lanka, I did my undergraduate studies in HRM and then completed a Master in Business Administration. I was excited to take the next step in my academic pathway. After researching options to study abroad, I found that Massey was a great place for doctoral study. Therefore, I decided to pursue my PhD programme at Massey. As a result of my background in HRM, I developed an interest in this topic after learning that HR personnel have a wider role to play in creating inclusive workplaces.

Dr Trish Bradbury
Associate Professor Janet Sayers
Dr Rebecca Gill