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Fatima Ali Junaid

Doctor of Philosophy, (Management)
Study Completed: 2017
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
The interplay of Job stress and Post-traumatic stress disorder in the context of terrorism, and its effects on employee outcomes: The roles of individual and organisational resources

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Living under the threat of on-going terrorism can be extremely stressful for employees. They must deal with continuous risk in addition to the common stressors of their professional and personal lives. To date, there has been scant research into this phenomenon. Ms Junaid sought to understand the interplay between the stress of work and terrorism and its implications for employee outcomes; and to determine whether personal and organisational resources such as psychological capital and perceived organisational support could help employees deal with these stressors. Pakistan, one of the five worst terrorism affected countries in the world, was the setting for her mixed methods research. Having lived under terrorism, Ms Junaid's drive to understand the effects of this context was meaningful on a personal level. Her research found that work stressors predicted employee behaviours more than terrorism-stressors. Importantly, organisational support and psychological capital reduced the detrimental influence of stressors on employee behaviours.

Professor Jane Parker
Dr Tim Bentley
Dr David Brougham


Peer reviewed articles

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Conference proceedings

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