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~ Khadija Tul Kubra

Doctor of Philosophy, (Mathematics)
Study Completed: 2018
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Mathematical modelling of fluid flow and heat and pollutant transport in a porous medium with embedded objects

Groundwater pollution has become a worldwide problem and is one of the major threats to human health in the modern era. How does pollution in groundwater aquifers depend on soil properties and speed of groundwater flow? Ms Khadija Tul Kubra developed novel mathematical models to investigate the phenomena of heat and pollutant transport in homogeneous and layered groundwater aquifers, with both phenomena working on a similar basis. For the first time she introduced the concept of leaky objects embedded in two- and three-dimensional homogeneous and layered aquifers. She found that the size, shape, position, perviousness and burial depth of the cylindrical objects and homogeneity of aquifers affected the pressure drop, as well as the pollutant and/or heat transfer rates. Applications of this novel research are useful not only in groundwater hydrology but also in extending any field related to heat and mass transfer in porous media.

Professor Robert McKibbin
Associate Professor Winston Sweatman