Sophie Kindleysides

Doctor of Philosophy, (Nutritional Sciences)
Study Completed: 2019
College of Health


Thesis Title
New insights into taste perception and associations with dietary intake, obesity and metabolic health.

In New Zealand, the increasing prevalence of obesity is of major concern. The sensory perception of taste and preference for sweetness, bitterness and fat drive the enjoyment of eating food which directly impacts metabolic health. Ms Kindleysides investigated the sensory perception of taste in premenopausal women living in Auckland, New Zealand. The results showed that fat and sweet taste sensitivity and the increased hedonic liking of sweet taste were associated with increased adiposity and further associated with endocrine markers of metabolic health, dietary intake and disinhibited eating behaviour. Taste perception is a promising target for future weight-loss and intervention strategies due to demonstrated links with diet, eating behaviour and body composition.

Professor Bernhard Breier
Associate Professor Kathryn Beck
Associate Professor Rozanne Kruger