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Karl Shaffer

Doctor of Philosophy, (Chemistry)
Study Completed: 2011
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Towards selective small cation chelation

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Mr Shaffer sought to identify ligands which could be used in sensing or sequestering applications for the toxic element beryllium. The bidentate proton sponge ligands initially investigated were ideally suited to binding the B(III) cation (a Be(II) size analogue) in non-aqeuous conditions; however, they were unsuitable for coordination to Be(II) in aqueous systems due to their high basicity. The development of tetradentate fully encapsulating ligands were found to be much more suitable for Be(II) and a tertiary substituted amine which was both water soluble and fluorescent upon coordination to Be(II) was identified. In addition, a fundamentally new type of tetra-coordinate ligand was designed and synthesised.

Professor Paul Plieger
Professor Shane Telfer