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Hayden Lawrence

Doctor of Philosophy, (Agricultural Engineering)
Study Completed: 2007
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Adoption of Precision Agriculture Technologies for Fertiliser Placement in New Zealand.

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Mr Lawrence investigated the adoption of precision agricultural technologies for fertiliser placement. This study began by examining the current statistical validity of fertiliser spreader testing systems available throughout the world. Secondly, a GIS methodology was developed to map levels of field nutrient application from spreading vehicles. Finally, the economic effect of spreading fertiliser both with and without the use of precision technology was evaluated. Mr Lawrence highlighted the difficulties in achieving accurate field nutrient application; however, by developing the ability to quantify field performance, economic opportunities could be evaluated. There was a strong agronomic and economic case for the implementation of precision agricultural technologies in the New Zealand agricultural industry. However, the agronomic and economic benefits would be difficult to deliver, given the current range of equipment used within the New Zealand agricultural industry.

Professor Ian Yule
Professor Michael Hedley
Professor Jim Jones
Dr Hilton Furness