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Yu Zhao

Doctor of Philosophy, (Computer Science)
Study Completed: 2015
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Event based transient notification architecture and NoSQL solution for astronomical data management

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Gravitational microlensing is a powerful technique for discovering extra solar planets.  However, gravitational microlensing events are very rare, short lived and not repeatable.  Data of new events must be delivered to all interested microlensing researchers within very short timeframes, so that follow up observations can be performed before the event disappears.  Mr Zhao investigated possible messaging transport techniques, and proposed and developed event based architecture for delivering instant microlensing event notification to global microlensing researchers.  The event based architecture was built based on Java Messaging Service (JMS) technique instead of traditional messaging techniques used in existing transient notification architectures.  He found that JMS based architecture provides a high performance on data delivery and could be up-scaled to meet the demand of high event rate situations. Moreover, his research proposed a NoSQL database design to manage astronomical observation data that can handle massive volumes of data storage and data access challenges.

Associate Professor Ian Bond
Associate Professor Winston Sweatman