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Shakeela Jayasinghe

Doctor of Philosophy, (Nutritional Science)
Study Completed: 2019
College of Health


Thesis Title
Exploring the Link Between Sweet Taste and Fat (Creaminess) Perception, Dietary Intake and Metabolic Health in Women

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The prevalence of obesity and metabolic disorders has increased substantially over recent decades and interventions to halt the epidemic have been unsuccessful. Given that key drivers include the over-consumption of highly palatable energy-dense foods, there is a need to increase our knowledge about the link between taste perception and dietary habits. Ms Jayasinghe investigated the relationship between sweet and fat taste perception, dietary intake and metabolic health in women. She found that higher liking of sweet and fat taste was linked with increased intakes of sweet and fatty foods. Furthermore, her research described new pathways to adverse metabolic health consequences that are associated with a dietary pattern of highly refined and processed foods. These findings highlighted the need to break the vicious cycle of higher sweet and fat liking and unhealthy food choices, especially in population groups at greatest risk of developing obesity, by reducing obesogenic environmental pressures.

Professor Bernhard Breier
Dr Daniel Walsh
Associate Professor Rozanne Kruger
Professor Matt Golding