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Rana Mubarak

Doctor of Philosophy, (Engineering)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Dynamic Response of Rotationally Periodic Structures

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The Rotational Periodic Structures (RPS) dynamic response to the environment is crucial to keep industries working. Mr Mubarak investigated three major dynamic responses, vibration, thermal and shock on RPS and selected integrally bladed rotor and hard disk drives as research models. In vibratory response on IBR, he discovered coupled repeated doublet modes and named them replica modes. Their existence in RPS has been verified and their adjusted trends plotted. On thermal and shock response, Mr Mubarak analysed hard disk spindle and head gimbal assembly. He suggested that repeatable run out errors can be lessened when the spindle notch is properly located. His findings suggested shock stress can be reduced by changing flexure angles to avoid hard disk failure. FEA simulation, numerical and experimental analysis was presented to verify the findings. RPS is supported from the research findings where controlling vibrations, shock and heat is crucial.

Professor Johan Potgieter
Associate Professor Loulin Huang