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Nguyen Buu Huan

Doctor of Philosophy, (Education)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Teacher change in Science education at a Vietnamese University'

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Interactive teaching is increasingly expected in higher education institutions in Vietnam. Mr Nguyen investigated the ways science lecturers have changed their teaching strategies to enhance active learning in science classes. In particular, he examined eight lecturers’ beliefs about active learning, their enactment of the change process, and the factors that influenced their beliefs about change. His findings reveal that the lecturers underwent varying degrees of positive pedagogical shift, from traditional lecturing to an active learning approach. Their positive beliefs about active learning were primarily related to student-centredness and classroom interaction. Mr Nguyen’s developed a holistic theoretical model of the intertwined linkage of lecturer beliefs, and their professional roles as well as contextual factors. Understanding the dynamic relationships within this holistic model provides insights into the nature of teacher change as a process of personal learning and professional growth in relation to social practice.

Associate Professor Penny Haworth
Associate Professor Sally Hansen