Robert Khan

Doctor of Philosophy, (Management)
Study Completed: 2011
Massey Business School


Thesis Title
A Study of Fiji Indian Migrants in NZ: Their Migration and Settlement Management and Experiences

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Fiji’s two military coups in 1987 prompted an exodus of Fiji Indians to New Zealand and presented challenges for the migrants and for this country’s policies and settlement programmes.  Using a systems theory perspective the experiences and perceptions of fifty Indian migrants were acquired through in depth interviews. The information obtained was analysed to not only record and reflect on the experiences of the migrants but also to evaluate the management of the process of settlement of these migrants. Since most of the migrants were skilled and professional, with a high standard of English, and relative familiarity with New Zealand life they had high expectations that did not materialise. The research findings indicated that the New Zealand government policies focused on the management of entry and not on settlement. Once in New Zealand the migrants found it difficult to obtain employment, were faced with instances of cultural insensitivities and general lack of support from government agencies. Most help and support came from church and community organisations that were not funded by the government.  It was concluded that New Zealand should adopt some of the policies of managing the settlement of migrants that Canada and Australia have implemented. As a first step it is recommended that an organisation specifically dedicated to migrant help and support be established that combines functions currently spread among a variety of government offices. This organisation would advise migrants on issues such as jobs, health and schooling as well as identify and support any training and development needs

Professor Tony Vitalis
Associate Professor Ian Laird
Associate Professor Margie Comrie