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Linda Johnson

Doctor of Philosophy, (History)
Study Completed: 2015
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Maori Activism Across Borders, 1950-1980s

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Mrs Johnson''sresearch examined Maori activism in an international context between 1950 and the early 1980s.  During this time Maori activist progressively created a space to have their claims and realities accepted in a variety of international venues.  To do so they had to subvert and challenge the discourse which confined and defined them as a privileged indigenous people.  Her research argued that the ''privilege'' discourse shaped the form which Maori activism took and how, in the process of successfully contesting that discourse, they created a space for Maori in an emerging indigenous people''sactivist network.  Collectively, Maori activists created a variety of spaces in New Zealand and internationally where they gained recognition for their claims, and they played a significant role in creating and sustaining organisations which advocated on behalf of indigenous peoples.

Associate Professor Kerry Taylor
Associate Professor Geoff Watson