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James Millner

Doctor of Philosophy, (Plant Science)
Study Completed: 2007
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
The performance of eucalyptus species in hill country

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Eucalyptus species which produce high density, naturally durable wood have much potential in New Zealand. However, many eucalypts are sensitive to environmental factors such as temperature and solar radiation, which vary with slope aspect and position in hill country. Mr Millner compared twelve species on Manawatu hill country. Growth was strongly seasonal in all species; diameter growth was highest in spring whereas height growth peaked in summer. Growth was least during winter. Height and diameter were higher on the sunny than shady face in all species. Seasonal and aspect effects on growth were strongly related to variation in solar radiation. There were large species’ differences in growth and wood density but none rated highly for both traits. Implications for tree growers are that harvest age may vary with slope aspect and that production of high quality wood requires the selection of less productive species.

Professor Peter Kemp