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Md Shahjahan Kabir

Doctor of Philosophy, (Microbiology and genetics)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Investigation of dothistroma needle blight development on Pinus Radiata

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Dothistroma needle blight is an important fungal disease of pine species throughout the world and epidemics of this disease are associated with climate change. Although disease outbreaks are common in forests, it is difficult to replicate the disease under controlled glasshouse conditions. Mr Kabir improved the disease development assay and used the improved assay to investigate the life cycle of the pathogen in detail. He also investigated the role of dothistromin (a toxin that is released by the fungus at the end of its disease cycle) and showed that it is a virulence factor needed for the full development of the disease symptoms. Mr Kabir’s results provide new insights into this plant-pathogen interaction that will eventually lead to improved management strategies of this disease.

Professor Rosie Bradshaw
Dr Rebecca Ganley