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Murad Ali

Doctor of Philosophy, (Development Studies)
Study Completed: 2012
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
The Politics of Development Aid: The Allocation and Delivery of Aid from the United States to Pakistan

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Mr Murad investigated the allocation and delivery of development aid from the United States (US) to Pakistan. Using both quantitative and qualitative data and covering three distinct periods comprising the Cold War, the post-Cold War and the ‘war on terror’ since 2001, Mr Murad has found that the US aid regime, both historical as well as contemporary, has primarily been driven by US geo-strategic interests. Mr Murad has concluded that prevalence of corruption and lack of institutional capacity in Pakistan, and the self-serving US foreign aid policy result in ineffective utilization of aid to address actual needs of local population. His thesis has implications for developing countries and the alleviation of global poverty since it highlights the key dynamics driving foreign aid and uncovers factors that make its use ineffective.

Professor Glenn Banks
Dr Nigel Parsons