Ibrahim Abdelhalim

Doctor of Philosophy, (Chemistry)
Study Completed: 2006
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Preparation, characterisation and in-vitro evaluation Chitosan-based smart hydrogels for controlled drug release

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Dr Abdelhalim has synthesized and investigated a number of unique and smart biodegradable hydrogel matrices for controlled drug release applications. These hydrogels are based on a natural polymer called chitosan. In the first part of his project, he studied the in-vitro release profiles of an anti-cancer drug from these hydrogels. Research findings showed promising pH-response behaviour for all the developed hydrogels, suggesting their effective use in stomach-specific, orally controlled, drug release for stomach ailments. In the second part of his study, he designed and studied the microstructure and drug release profiles of other smart hydrogels, which are more suited to the intestinal tract. These gels will be convenient for the oral delivery of peptide and protein drugs as they will survive the high acidity levels of the stomach.

Professor David Harding
Professor Elsayed Abdel-Bary
Professor Alsayed Abdel-Razik