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Morio Fukuoka

Doctor of Philosophy, (Engineering)
Study Completed: 2019
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Catalytic Steam Reformer Tubes Non-destructive Inspection Technology Investigation and Advancement

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3D laser profilometry is a non-destructive material testing (NDT) technique that plays an imperative role in the chemical synthesis process for hydrogen production. While there are numerous NTD techniques used in the field, laser profilometry is the only technique that is applicable in the first and second stages of creep formation; the phenomenon which primarily governs the life of catalyst tubes. With recent advancements of embedded electronics and sensor technology, there is an opportunity to enhance creep detection methodology to maximise the service life of reformers while maintaining safe operation. Mr Fukuoka investigated and identified limitations with the current methodology within surface topography measurements taken from catalytic reformers. Through mathematical modelling combined with engineering ingenuity, Mr Fukuoka devised a mechatronic system that provides enhanced detection and quantification of creep defect within a reformer tube wall, allowing users to make decisions to implement a proactive reformer management strategy.

Dr Liqiong Tang
Dr Amal Punchihewa
Professor Johan Potgieter