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Ann Rogerson

Doctor of Philosophy, (Psychology)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Transforming feminist care ethics: Tracing (un)memorable mother-daughter relations through psychoanalytic inquiry

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Ms Rogerson’s research inquired into the ways in which end-of-life care of mothers by their daughters is constrained by contemporary discourse about responsible caregiving. This discourse fails to take account of the character of mother-daughter relations and makes it difficult for some daughter-caregivers to articulate their experiences beyond a combination of exhaustion and grief that may be interpreted as a hysterical symptom and treated as disordered. Taking a genealogical approach to contemporary psychoanalytic literature on child development, care and caring, and locating her inquiry within the traditions of feminist engagement with the ethics of care, she provides a theoretically rich and contextually sensitive analysis of the problematics of remembering and articulating mother-daughter relations. Ms Rogerson’s study provides a re-reading of feminist care ethics and proposes new possibilities for transforming discourse to inclusively articulate care in the context of the diversity of women’s relations with women, and daughters’ relations with their mothers.

Professor Mandy Morgan
Dr Leigh Coombes