Aleksandra Lane

Doctor of Philosophy, (English)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Experimental Poetry: Dramatic Monologue and Dramatic Lyric in Contemporary New Zealand Poetry

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Ms Lane''sprimary concern was with finding ways to make lyric poetry and subjective expression remain relevant in (post)postmodern and experimental contexts.  She examined contemporary innovative dramatic monologue and dramatic lyric.  She demonostrated ways in which traditional genres (specifically dramatic monologue and dramatic lyric) can be used in contemporary and questioning ways, resulting in a postmodern lyric poem.  For the creative part of the thesis, she wrote a poetry collection composed of dramatic monologues and dramatic lyrics.  In the critical part of the thesis, she analysed the poems of contemporary New Zealand poets Bill Manhire and Lynn Jenner.  In doing so, she demonstrated strategies and techniques available to contemporary poets to bridge the gap between traditional and experimental lyric poetry.

Dr Jack Ross
Associate Professor Ingrid Horrocks