Simon Miller

Doctor of Philosophy, (Food Technology)
Study Completed: 2006
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Yeast Metabolism in Fresh and Frozen Dough

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Breadmaking is made simpler and more economical by freezing at the dough stage and baking frozen doughs on-demand at the point of sale. Dr Miller’s research sought to better define the composition of dough prior to freezing, and to understand how events prior to freezing impact on the survival of yeast cells in frozen-thawed dough. The consumption of sugars and excretion of alcohol by yeast cells in fermenting dough were described with experimentally-validated mathematical models. Findings showed that yeast cells consume glucose in preference to fructose and excrete alcohol, which accumulates in dough and may damage cells during freezing and frozen storage.

Professor Ray Winger
Associate Professor Tammy Lynch
Mr David Reid
Dr Da Lonergan