Karlene Tipler

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2017
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Emergency Preparedness and Response in New Zealand Schools

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International disaster risk reduction efforts prioritise school safety. Providing a safe learning environment for students and ensuring their continued access to education after an emergency has a positive influence on student, family, and community resilience. Ms Tipler investigated emergency preparedness and response activities in New Zealand schools, identifying key practices that support efforts to keep students safe during emergencies. She employed a multiphase mixed methods research design to conduct three separate but linked studies that investigated: emergency preparedness in schools; emergency management requirements and expectations of schools; and emergency response in schools. Differences in preparedness levels were identified, due in part to generic and ambiguous legislation, suggesting some schools are under-prepared to respond to future emergencies. Lessons learned from emergencies experienced facilitated the development of a six-stage model of an effective school-based emergency response. The research findings have implications for enhancing school emergency management efforts in New Zealand and internationally.

Dr Ruth Tarrant
Associate Professor Keith Tuffin
Professor David Johnston