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Short Loan Collection and Copyright

The Library can put on Short Loan Collection:

  • Any book, serial issue, video or CD-ROM held in the Library’s collection.
  • A photocopy of a chapter or article from any book or serial held in the Library’s collection. Although it is preferable to put the original item on short loan, photocopies may be held at any other campus within the Library system.
  • A copy of an article downloaded from the web (unless it is expressly forbidden under the terms of our licence with the journal or database), although it would be safer to provide the URL in Stream so students can download their own copies.
  • A copy of an article provided by a course controller if they own the original issue, although it would be better if the original were provided. The article should carry full bibliographic details (volume, issue, date, page numbers), and the course controller should verify in writing that they hold the original journal.
  • A copy of an article acquired by Interlibrary loan, as long as the original journal is no longer available for purchase. The article should carry the full bibliographic citation. We must be able to prove that we have tried to obtain the original.
  • A photocopied book, as long as the original is no longer commercially available. Again we must be able to prove that we have tried to obtain the book, and the copy should contain a statement that the copy has been made under s54 or 55 of the Copyright Act 1994.
  • A copy of any free-to-air or pay television or radio broadcast in New Zealand. Under the University’s Screenrights licence there are no restrictions on the channel, the type of programme, the amount or number of copies, as long as the copying is being done for the purpose of teaching and/or research at the University. The academic must provide information on the source of the copy for a label, which must be attached to each copy.

The Library cannot put on Short Loan Collection:

  • More than one article from a single issue of a journal unless they are on the same topic. For example, if the journal is a general nursing title, then two articles on nursing the elderly, or ICU nursing would be regarded as being "on the same topic". However if the journal dealt entirely with ICU nursing, then "on the same topic" would be, for example, caring for patients with head injuries, or patients in coronary care.
  • More than one chapter of a book unless it is out of print.
  • Collections of articles unless all have full bibliographic citations, and all meet the criteria i.e. they are not from the same issue of a journal unless they are on the same topic, and the journals or books from which they are copied are no longer commercially available.
  • A copy of any video, DVD, CD-ROM or sound recording purchased from commercial suppliers. This material is not covered by the Library’s Screenrights licence, so we must have the original.