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Level of seriousness of a breach

Any of the three criteria above can affect the way a breach is managed and the range of penalties that can be imposed. The criteria together determine at which of the three levels of seriousness the breach is assessed to be at.

• Level 1

A level 1 breach is the least serious of the breach levels. At this level the breach is managed informally by the relevant staff member, in consultation with the Academic Integrity Officer (AIO) if required

• Level 2

A level 2 breach occurs when any of the three criteria (Extent, Nature or Expectation) are higher than a Level 1 breach. These allegations are managed by an AIO in the Colleges

• Level 3

A level 3 breach is a significant breach of academic integrity. This may occur where the Extent, Nature, Expectation or a combination of any of the three mean the breach should be assessed by the University’s highest academic misconduct authority – either the Assistant Vice-Chancellor Academic and International or the Assistant Vice-Chancellor Research and Enterprise

Examples of Level 3 breaches

• Any academic misconduct by a doctoral student regardless of the extent.

• Large scale misrepresentation of material submitted for assessment. This could include collusion, fabrication or falsification of data.

• Use of assignments from a paper mill or other Internet site.

• Paying for all or part of an assignment or exam answers.

• Theft of intellectual property.