Student Services Levy reconsideration application form , Puka tono hei whakaaro anō ki te Utu Ratonga Tauira

Make a request to have your compulsory student services levy payment reconsidered due to exceptional personal circumstances, such as an extended hospital stay.

What is the compulsory Student Services Levy?

All universities in New Zealand charge a compulsory student services fee, or levy, as directed by the New Zealand Government.

If you have exceptional personal circumstances, such as an extended hospital stay affecting your ability to study, you can apply to have this fee reconsidered.

Your reconsideration application

We have a committee that considers applications from students who wish to apply to have this compulsory fee paid back because of exceptional personal circumstances. The committee meets once each semester.

For your application to be considered by the committee, you need to:

  • pay all tuition and non-tuition fees in full, by due dates (if your application for a Student Services Levy reconsideration is upheld a credit will be made to your fees account based on the outcome of the committee's decision)
  • have read the information provided online explaining the Student Services Levy and how you can feedback through your student association
  • give reasons for your exceptional personal circumstances, as well as supporting evidence
  • fill out this application form less than 30 days after the start of the semester.