Terms and conditions – Manawatū community athletic track bookings , Ngā Heipūtanga - Te papa kaiaka o Manawatū

Terms and conditions for booking the Manawatū community athletic track in Palmerston North.

Manawatū Community Athletics Track (MCAT) refers to all track and field facilities, including any areas of Massey University's top fields which athletes may use for warming up.

Damages and faults

Users are liable for damages to equipment and track beyond normal "wear and tear".

If equipment is lost or broken, MCAT must be compensated by the hirer.

Users are to inspect equipment prior to and after use. Any faults are to be reported to Sport and Recreation Services (SRS).

Multiple groups

If more than one group is using the track and fields; all users must obey the "Controller" or "primary user" nominated by SRS.

Health and safety

The person/group booking the MCAT will take responsibility for the health and safety of the spectators and the athletes using the facilities and equipment, including:

  • Correct use of any equipment
  • Making sure that throw areas are clearly marked
  • Assessing the safety of the inner fields (if being used)
  • Putting into place suitable safety precautions/measures.

Shot and hammer throwers

Shot and Hammer throwers are to use the Practice Throws Area unless given express permission from SRS.

Starting blocks

Only MCAT-approved starting blocks are to be used.

Signing gear in and out

The person responsible for booking and using the equipment must sign for all gear in the shed, both in and out each time any gear is used.

Major events risks and remedies form

If running a major event the user group must complete the Likely Risks and Remedies form and return to SRS prior to the event.

Alcohol and glass

No glass is to be taken into the MCAT area.

No alcohol can be taken onto MCAT.

Rubbish and clean up

The field/embankments and other facilities must be cleared of rubbish, clothes and so on by the user with all rubbish removed and rubbish bins emptied.

Any extra clean up and/or damage to facilities or equipment will be charged to the group who has made the booking.

First aid and accidents, near misses or injuries

There is a first aid kit at the Recreation Centre but users are primarily responsible for providing their own first aid and subsequent care for both athletes and spectators.

All accidents, near misses or injuries must be reported to the Administration Officer at the Recreation Centre and an Incident Report Form completed.


The MCAT is a non smoking area.


No couches are permitted.


User charges are reviewed annually. You will be informed of any changes with a booking confirmation form.