Terms and conditions – MUSA-affiliated club or society ongoing bookings , Ngā heipūtanga – MUSA te tāpui mō ngā karapu me ngā rōpū

Terms and conditions for ongoing bookings of Massey Sport and Recreation Centre facilities by Massey University Students' Association (MUSA)-affiliated clubs or societies.

When you submit the form to request an ongoing booking of the Massey Sport and Recreation Centre facilities by a MUSA-affiliated club or society you will be agreeing to the following conditions.

  • Your club is currently affiliated to the Massey University Students’ Association (MUSA). Non-affiliated groups and individual students cannot make ongoing bookings.
  • Your club has a health and safety plan covering ongoing practices and can supply this to the Clubs & Wellbeing Coordinator on request.
  • You acknowledge that completing this form does not guarantee your booking. Our Wellbeing and Clubs Coordinator will contact you to discuss and confirm your booking. Due to high demand for space we cannot guarantee your preferred choice.
  • All club bookings end on the final day of semester two each year or, in the case of summer bookings, on the last day before semester one start (unless otherwise discussed and agreed with the Wellbeing and Clubs Coordinator).
  • You agree to notify the Wellbeing and Clubs Coordinator if you are not using your regular practice space at any time (for example during mid-semester breaks or when your season ends) so the space can be made available for casual use.
  • Ongoing club bookings are subject to change or cancellation on occasion. Where possible we will endeavour to give two weeks' notice of any changes to the people who have been named on this form. It is their responsibility to notify all club members of a change.
  • Club members who are not current Massey students will have access to booked facilities free of charge during allocated club times only and, should they wish to use facilities at other times, are invited to purchase a membership
  • Clubs will be charged for any damage to facilities or equipment.
  • The consumption of alcohol without a permit is forbidden.
  • Your club may be suspended from using the facilities or club bookings removed if you breach the Massey University Sport and Recreation Centre Code of Conduct