How to officially verify documents , Te whakamana pepa tautoko

Find out how to get documents officially verified, who can verify them and where to send them.

An officially verified document is a photocopy of an original document that has been signed and dated by someone who can confirm that it's the same as the original.

What you need to do

To verify documents, you need to:

  • photocopy each side of the original document
  • take the originals and photocopy to a person who can officially verify them
  • make sure each page includes the official stamp or designation, signature, date and the statement: 'This is a true copy of an original document that I have sighted' (or words to the same effect).

Translating documents not in English

Any documents written in languages other than English need to be translated into English by an official translator, and then verified in English.

Who can verify documents

You can bring your original documents to the Campus Information Services  – Mōhiohio counter at any campus and we can verify and photocopy them for you.

You can also get documents verified by these authorities.

  • Justice of the Peace (JP), public notary, court registrar, deputy registrar, Public Trust Officer.
  • Barrister or solicitor of the High Court.
  • Local or central government employees who can take oaths and declarations.
  • A registered Massey University education agent.
  • Registrar of a tertiary institution or deputy.
  • University academic or administrative staff.
  • New Zealand education institution staff.
  • Officials of the issuing institution (New Zealand or overseas). Overseas students: Your academic documents can be officially verified by an authorised officer of the tertiary institution where you studied.
  • A Trade New Zealand Offshore Education Centre, embassy, high commission or consulate general.

List of Justice of the Peace at Massey

List of Massey University education agents

Kaumātua and whakapapa statements

If you can't get a birth certificate, you can get a whakapapa statement verified by a kaumātua. Both you and the kaumātua need to sign the statement to give evidence of your identity and citizenship.

Where to send documents

You can upload electronic versions of your verified documents when you apply online. You can also email verified copies to