Documents you need for admission applications , Ngā pepa whai mana hei tautoko

When you apply for admission as a new Massey student we will need to confirm who you are and that you can study with us. Find out which documents you will need to supply.

You will need to supply these documents to support your application for admission as a new domestic or international student. Domestic students are New Zealand citizens or residents.

You can upload these documents when you apply online. We may also contact you to get verified hard copies.

Identity and citizenship documents

When you apply we need to be able to confirm your full name, date of birth and citizenship. You can use officially verified copies of the following documents to confirm these details:

  • birth certificate
  • current passport, including any residency visa
  • citizenship certificate.

We cannot use your drivers licence to confirm your identity and citizenship.

Māori students without birth certificates can also present a verified copy of a whakapapa statement.

Cook Islands documents

A verified copy of your birth certificate with place of birth stated as a place in the Cook Islands.

Niue documents

A verified copy of your birth certificate with place of birth stated as a place in Niue.

Tokelau documents

A verified copy of your birth certificate with place of birth stated as one of the three islands of Tokelau.

New Zealand residence class visa documents

To confirm your residency you will need to supply your New Zealand residency class visa from your passport or your e-visa from New Zealand immigration with evidence you have been granted residency.

Change of name documents

If the name you are enrolling under is different from the name on your birth certificate, or other documents you have given us, you will need to give us proof of the name change and show the link between your names.

You can give us:

  • a marriage certificate with your birth certificate
  • a deed poll certificate
  • a birth certificate with the change of name.

We cannot accept the letter from the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) confirming your name change.

If you supply a marriage certificate and a New Zealand passport with your married name, both the married name and the birth name can be verified. The Department of Internal Affairs will have received both the birth certificate and marriage certificate to issue your new passport.

Get a New Zealand birth certificate

If you need to obtain a birth certificate contact Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Academic transcripts and certificates

If you are applying for admission based on qualifications you have studied at other tertiary providers you will need to supply copies of your academic transcript or transcripts. You cannot use provisional results or exam result notifications as proof of achieving your qualification.

If you have studied at an overseas institution, transcripts will need to include the grading scale and be translated into English. You may also be asked to give us a report from the Educational Credentials Evaluators so we can find out how your academic record relates to study in New Zealand – also known as equivalency.

International students applying for undergraduate study will also need to supply a high school certificate.

Universities using My eQuals

You can send us a link to your verified digital documents via My eQuals if you completed your study at universities who use My eQuals.

Enter as the third-party address and include your date of birth in the filename for matching purposes.

How to request certified digital transcripts in My eQuals.

English language proficiency

You will need to give us evidence of your English language proficiency if study you have done before was in a country where English is not an official language and you were not taught in English (or Te Reo Māori).

Students with disabilities or health conditions

If you live with the effects of a significant injury, long-term illness or disability you can get support when you are studying by giving us a statement from a registered health professional.

Evidence of scholarships

If you have been awarded a scholarship for what you intend to study at Massey, supply evidence of the scholarship to support your application.

PhD doctorates

If you are applying for a PhD doctorate you will need to supply a curriculum vitae and two academic references.

Selected entry qualification forms

Some qualifications have extra requirements you need to meet to gain entry to them. You need to upload extra forms when you apply for these 'selected entry' qualifications.

Selected entry qualification forms