Application checklists for international students , Ngā rārangi arowhai tono mā ngā tauira kei whenua kē

Use our admission and course enrolment checklists for international students to make sure you are ready to apply. You can also find out what happens next.

When you apply to study with us as a international student the first step is to apply for admission into a qualification.

You will be admitted into your chosen qualification once you have:

  • been offered a place
  • accepted your offer, and
  • paid your fees.

You will then be able to apply for enrolment in the courses that make up your qualification.

View our overview of the application process

Prepare to apply for admission

1, Check the entry and English language requirements

2, Choose your qualification

Explore the qualifications Massey has to offer and choose what you would like to apply for.

Find a course or qualification

If your qualification has majors or endorsements (specialisations) you will be able to choose one when you apply for admission. You will be able to choose an additional major or endorsement, and minors, when you apply for courses.

For some qualifications you will need to give us specific information when you apply such as personal statements, portfolios or completed forms.

If you are a postgraduate research student you may also need to decide how many credits of research you would like to do. You should also contact the right department to discuss the possible research opportunities.

List of Massey departments

3, Choose where you want to study

As an international student you will generally study full-time at one of our campuses in New Zealand. However, there are also options for distance and online study.

Massey campus guides

Distance and online study

4, Identify documents you need to supply

5, Check application due dates

Make sure you check the admission application due dates so you do not miss out.

Admission application due dates

6, Apply for admission

New students apply for admission on our website.

Returning students apply by logging in to the student portal and going to the Admissions tab.

After you apply for admission

Acknowledgement of application

You can expect to get an acknowledgement from us within 1 week of submitting your application.

Outstanding documents

We will contact you if you have not given us all of the documents we need.

Offer of Place

You will get an email letting you know an Offer of Place message is in the student portal if your application is successful.

Once you get your Offer of Place you can:

  • accept it
  • decline it
  • apply to defer your start date or change your study location.

If you decline your offer you will be withdrawn from the qualification you applied for.

If you want to change to a different qualification you need to make a new admission application.

Paying your fees

Once you have accepted your Offer of Place you need to pay your fees.

View fee payment options

After your fees are paid we will send you an international Receipt of Payment. You can use this letter and your admission Offer of Place as part of the documentation you need to get a visa from Immigration New Zealand. We will also send you an email with your Massey student ID number.

Prepare for course enrolment

You will be invited to apply for the specific courses you want to study within your qualification once:

  • you have accepted your Offer of Place
  • you have paid your fees
  • enrolments are open.

1, Choose your courses

Review your qualification structure. When you select your courses you need to make sure you meet all of the requirements for your qualification. You also need to work out which courses to study first and how many to study.

Find a course or qualification

Planning your courses guide

Contact our academic advice team

2, Check the due dates

Make sure you know the due dates for adding courses. You should also check the semester dates and exam periods.

Due dates for adding courses

Semester and exam period dates

3, Log in to the student portal

To apply for enrolment in courses, log in to the student portal and go to the Qualifications and courses tab.

Log in to the student portal

After you apply for courses

Offer of Enrolment

If we approve your application to enrol in the specific courses for your qualification you will get an Offer of Enrolment message in the student portal. You need to accept this.

Finalise your enrolment in person

If you are a new international student studying in New Zealand you will need to show evidence of your identity and your student visa to finish your enrolment.

Bring your visa and passport to Campus Information Service – Mōhiohio a few days before semester starts. You can also bring them to orientation. Orientation is a series of events to celebrate your start at university.

Orientation dates and information

Confirmation of Enrolment

Once you accept your Offer of Enrolment, you will get a Confirmation of Enrolment message in the student portal. It will contain:

  • confirmation of the qualification you are studying and any specialisations (majors, minors or endorsements)
  • confirmation of the courses you are approved to take
  • any courses that could not be approved or that you withdrew from (the reason will be shown)
  • due dates for withdrawing from courses without financial and academic penalties
  • fees information.

Changing your qualification or courses

You can change your qualification or courses on the Qualification and courses tab in the student portal.

You need to allow time for us to process your changes so you get access to your study material before you start.

Changing and withdrawing from study