Pay international student fees , Wāhi utu mō ngā tauira kei whenua kē

International students need to pay tuition fees before applying for visas. Check when to pay your fees and choose how to pay.

Western Union rebrand to Convera

Please note from Monday, 10 October 2022, Western Union will be known as Convera.

Learn more about this change on the Convera website.

When to pay your fees

As an international student, you need to pay tuition fees before you can apply for a student visa to enter and study in New Zealand. You also need to pay non-tuition fees and Studentsafe insurance charges.

When your payment has cleared, you get a Receipt of Payment or Statement of Account to give to Immigration New Zealand as part of your visa application. You need to log in to the Massey student portal to get these documents.

Tuition fees for international students

Log in to the student portal

New international students

Your Offer of Place from Massey has the deadlines for accepting your offer and paying your fees.

When your payment has cleared, you get a Receipt of Payment. Log in to the student portal and select the Fees and finance tab to download this. Then you can submit the Receipt of Payment when you apply for a student visa.

Returning international students

If you are continuing your studies with Massey in New Zealand, you get an invoice for your tuition fees in the student portal. As you enrol into courses, your fees are charged automatically. The deadline for paying your fees is in your invoice.

When your payment has cleared, you get a Statement of Account. Log in to the student portal and select the Fees and finance tab to download this. Submit your Statement of Account when you apply to renew your student visa.

How to pay your fees

Choose a simple secure way to pay your international student fees.

If you are paying your own fees, you can use a credit card, Convera (formerly known as Western Union), Flywire or bank transfer.

If someone else in your home country is paying your fees, they need to use Convera, Flywire or international bank transfer.

Convera and GlobalPay

Massey proudly partners with Convera to offer you a simple, secure, and smart way to pay your fees online.

Pay your fees with Convera

Benefits of Convera:

  • students, parents, and sponsors can use this platform to pay deposits, tuition fees and more
  • avoid costly transaction charges from your bank
  • pay online via popular options including bank transfer, credit, or debit card or eWallet
  • compare payment options instantly and Convera holds the exchange rate for 72 hours
  • if you find a cheaper quote from your bank, Convera will match it with their Price Promise Guarantee
  • track your payment status by SMS and email
  • access 24/7 live chat on the platform or contact our friendly team:

Tips and FAQs for Massey students

Please note that Convera does not process payments to, from or involving resident of Iran, North Korea, Cuba and the Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk provinces of Ukraine. More information about sanctions and potential restrictions payments that can be processed is available through the Convera website.

If you are not able to pay through Convera you can pay direct to our bank account or through our credit card facility available through the Massey student portal.


Massey has partnered with Flywire to offer a secure and streamlined way to make a payment from your home country.

Pay your fees with Flywire

Flywire allows you to pay from almost any country offering excellent foreign exchange rates and no hidden fees. You will be able to track the progress of your payment online and receive email and text alerts each step of the way.

Multilingual customer support via phone, chat and email is available 24x7 if you need assistance with your payment.

Credit card

Pay online by credit card through the Massey student portal.

Only people with an account can log in to the student portal. If you want to pay your tuition fees by credit card, you need to log in and do it yourself.

You can also pay fees by credit card at Campus Information Services Mōhiohio on each campus.

Find the Campus Information office on your campus

International bank transfer

Either you or someone else can pay your tuition fees by transferring money from a bank account to the Massey University bank account.

Use personal and student details for international bank transfers. If you are paying fees for a student, use the:

  • student name for Particulars
  • student ID number for Code.

Massey University's bank account

Bank Name: Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)
Account Name: Massey University
Account Number: 02-0630-0016592-004
Swift (Routing) Number: BKNZNZ22
Bank Physical Address: 42 Willis Street, Spark Central, Floor 2, Wellington, New Zealand

Make sure your payment goes through

You need to give the physical address of the bank account-holder when making a bank transfer. If you do not, BNZ will not accept your payment and your enrolment in Massey may be delayed.

Information from the Bank of New Zealand about making international payments

Scholarships and fees

If your tuition fees are being paid by a scholarship, you need to give us proof of your scholarship to get proof of payment for your visa application or visa renewal.

An example of scholarship proof is an official letter from the scholarship organisation that includes:

  • the organisation letterhead with full name and postal address
  • how long your scholarship lasts
  • how much your scholarship is worth
  • what your scholarship includes
  • how the tuition fees are paid to Massey.

Employer or someone else paying your fees

Sometimes your employer or someone else who is paying your fees needs an invoice from Massey. To get an invoice, they need to send us a purchase order first.

The purchase order needs to include:

  • the company letterhead including full name and postal address
  • an email address for the invoice
  • the name of the person to contact at the company
  • an order number or identifier
  • the student's name
  • the student's ID number
  • the specific items to be invoiced, including Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Examples of items to be invoiced are:

  • course tuition fee (part or full payment)
  • course component fee
  • student services levy.

Email the completed purchase order to

Or post the completed purchase order to:

Accounts Receivable Students
Massey University
Private Bag 11 222
Manawatu Mail Centre
Palmerston North 4442

We send the invoice by email unless your employer asks us to post or fax it.

Sponsor form

To help make sure you and your employer provide all of the necessary information use our Sponsor form.

Education agent

If you are an education agent, log in to the education agent portal to:

  • get a copy of the Offer of Place for a student
  • see how much a student needs to pay in fees
  • pay fees for a student.

Go to the Massey education agent portal

Contact us

Get in touch with us early about money matters so we can help and point you in the right direction. We want you to succeed with your study at Massey and are here to help.

If you're a current student, include your student ID number when you contact us.

Contact us

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