Canadian students and financial aid , Ngā tauira nō Kānata me te pūtea āwhina

How to apply for a Canadian student grant or loan to help fund your study at Massey. You can also defer your previous Canadian student loans while you study, or claim your tuition fees against Canadian tax.

If you're a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may be able to get a grant or loan to help pay for your study at Massey.

You're responsible for applying for financial aid, paying your tuition fees and repaying any loans when you finish your studies.

The kind of financial support you can get depends on things like:

  • your family income
  • whether you have a disability
  • whether you support any children or other people.

If you get a loan, you'll have to pay the money back when you finish studying. If you get a grant, you won't have to pay anything back.

To apply for Canadian student loans and grants, you'll need Massey's institution code: VUAY.

How to apply for a Canadian Student Grant or Loan

1, Fill in Massey's Financial aid enquiry form

If you're a new student at Massey, we need some details about you so we can help with your application.

You only need to fill this form in once, when you first apply to Massey.

Fill in the Financial aid enquiry form

2, Apply to your territory or province

You'll need an application form from the student aid office for your territory or province.

Find the student aid office for your province or territory

  • Fill in the form and send it to the student aid office for your province or territory.
  • You only need to make one application. The student aid office will consider it for all the grants and loans available in your province or territory.
  • If you qualify for a grant or loan, your student aid office will send you a Certificate of Eligibility.

3, Send us your Certificate of Eligibility

Email your Certificate of Eligibility to our International Financial Aid Advisor.

International Financial Aid Advisor Email:

Note: You don't need to fill out the Confirmation of Enrolment section. We'll complete this when you send your Certificate of Eligibility to us.

Be aware that we can't complete your Confirmation of Enrolment until you've been accepted as a student at Massey and your courses have started – so make sure you've got enough money to:

  • travel to New Zealand
  • pay for a student visa
  • buy health and travel insurance
  • live on until your grant or loan comes through.

Find out how much New Zealand student visas cost

Learn what you'll pay for health and travel insurance

See what it costs to live in New Zealand

4, Send your Certificate of Eligibility to your student aid office

  • Send your completed documents to the student aid office for your territory or province.
  • When your application is complete, your loan or grant will be paid directly to you. This means you'll need to pay your tuition fees to Massey.

Remember that if your loan or grant is paid into your New Zealand bank account, the exchange rate will affect the exact amount you get.

Check Massey's tuition fees for international students

5, Remember to re-apply for financial aid

Canadian student loans only fund one year of study at a time. To keep getting financial aid, you need to re-apply every year.

Defer your previous Canadian student loans

If you don't get a loan to study at Massey, you can apply to defer any Canadian student loans you already have. This means that while you study:

  • you won't have to make payments for any previous Canadian student loans
  • the amount of money you owe on your previous Canadian student loans will stay the same – you won't pay interest.

You need to complete a Confirmation of Enrolment (Schedule 2) form to defer your loans. Contact us if you need help completing the form.

Get the Confirmation of Enrolment (Schedule 2) form

Claim tuition fees against taxes

If you pay tax in Canada during your study at Massey, you can claim your tuition fees as expenses. This may mean you get a discount on your tax bill.

You need to file your Canadian tax return by the end of April each year. Contact us for help submitting your expenses.

Fill out the TL11A Tuition and Enrolment Certificate to apply

Contact us for help

Email if you have any questions.

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