US students and financial aid , Tauira nō Amerika me te pūtea āwhina

Financial aid could help you study with us. Understand federal loans and veterans' education benefits for American students – how to apply for and manage aid, meet conditions and start repayments.

Learn about US financial aid

What you need to know, including unique aid packages, cost of attendance, exchange rate, repayments and financial aid at Massey.

Loan types and limits for US students

Discover the federal and private loans you could take out to study at Massey, plus borrowing limits on federal loans.

Who can apply for US financial aid

Find out who can apply for US federal loans and how your student loans are unique to you.

Apply for US financial aid

See how to apply for US federal loans as a new student at Massey and as a returning student.

Manage your financial aid

Learn about when you get loan money, meeting conditions so your federal aid continues and what to do when you finish studying.

US veterans' benefits

See if you qualify for US veterans' education benefits, how to apply and how we manage Veteran Affairs benefits at Massey.

Financial aid consumer information requirements

The information on this page is a legal requirement Massey University must provide about financial aid, our campuses, facilities and gainful employment programmes.