Scholarships and financial aid for international students , Ngā karahipi me te pūtea āwhina mā ngā tauira nō tāwāhi

Apply for a scholarship to study with us as an international student. US or Canadian students may also be able to get financial aid, including US veterans' benefits.

Scholarships and awards

You can apply for a scholarship or award to make your study more affordable. We offer scholarships from undergraduate funding to doctorate and PhD awards.

Some scholarships and awards are only available to international students, whilst others are available to all students.

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American and Canadian students financial aid

If you are an American or Canadian student, you may also be able to get financial aid to help you study with us.

For American students, this includes federal loans and veterans' benefits. For Canadian students, this includes grants, loans and claiming tuition fees against taxes.

Find out who is eligible, how to apply, loan types and limits.

US students and financial aid

Canadian students and financial aid