Research data management , Te whakahaere raraunga rangahau

Find out how to describe, organise, store, publish, share and preserve your research data.

Create your research data management plan

Learn about the benefits of good research data management practices, and how to create a research data management plan.

Describe your research data

Find out how to describe and explain your data using README files, data dictionaries and metadata.

Organise your research data

Learn about how to organise your research data using folder structure, file naming conventions and version control.

Store your research data

Find out how to store your data in digital or physical form. Learn about security, backups and data storage options.

Publish & share your data

Learn about publishing and sharing your data in repositories and journals.

Data ownership & access

Learn about ownership of your data, copyright, licensing, and ethical data collection and use.

Preserve your data

Learn about the research data you need to preserve, and your options for long-term preservation.

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