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Study the Executive Master of Business Administration , Whakahaere Pakihi Tohu Paerua Matua

Aim for the highest levels of management and leadership with Massey's highest local and global levels of Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA).

Develop your professional capability and personal resilience to take on more influential leadership roles in the future. Our Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) will take you on a personalised journey to prepare you for the highest levels of management and leadership.

You'll gain the tools to participate confidently in complex and challenging leadership situations. As you work through the programme, you will develop effective ways to present yourself as a strategic thinking executive who contributed enormous value to organisations of all kinds.

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Designed to fit into the busy lives of hard-working professionals

Our Executive MBA has 10 weekend class sessions conveniently spread over 15 months, at either the Massey Auckland campus or Auckland Airport. The airport class starts at 10 am Saturday and the Sunday class is finished by 4 pm for the convenience of our many fly-in participants.

This qualification has no exams and all assessments are practical.

Upcoming information evenings

Connect with world-leading presenters with extensive corporate experience

You'll learn how to manage significate challenges at work from world-class practitioners and successful industry leaders. You will also engage in consultancy and be able to apply these lessons in your own environment immediately.

Our EMBA is famous for teaching you as if you were managers in a boardroom, rather than students in a classroom. You will engage with boards, including board placements, leading to affiliate membership with Governance New Zealand which will showcase your abilities to lead and govern.

Our people

Meet our EMBA lecturers.

Professor Dr Dr Jens Mueller

Professor Dr Dr Jens Mueller

Professor of Management Practice, Massey Executive Development Director

Jens has been a CEO and Director in global firms, including more than 9 years as Board Director for the $1+ Billion PHARMAC Crown entity, an advisor to Governments and corporate leaders and is also a Licensed Immigration Adviser.

Dr Elizabeth Roberts

Dr Elizabeth Roberts


Elizabeth is a highly experienced academic, university administrator, Company Director on numerous boards and ran her own consulting business for over 20 years. She has resided in four countries and has gained extensive international experience through her work in over 23 countries.

Join the best of the best

Completing a Massey EMBA puts you among a network of over 3000 alumni who are making an impact as leaders in organisations worldwide. To broaden your knowledge and network, our Executive MBA students will engage with executives from a variety of industries in New Zealand and overseas.

Alumni hall of fame

Neeraj Lala

CEO Toyota New Zealand
 Neeraj Lala's photo

Neeraj Lala

"I feel blessed through both my personal and professional career that I have been surrounded by guardian angels. People who have cared and created opportunities for me through mentoring or given me the space to do the things I have believed are the right things to do. I have only ever wanted to work for Toyota, and the opportunity to launch our digital platform in 1997 was a dream come true. 25 years later, leading this incredible company is both a privilege and a responsibility I don’t take lightly. The journey to CE was almost as challenging as the past three disrupted years in the automotive industry.

An MBA was never on my bucket-list. I still remember the induction day in Palmerston North. We were asked why we wanted an MBA, and the truth is I was told I had to have one by my guardian angel, or predecessor. I knew my Research Project would be due while I was in the USA for a 3 year assignment, and that did not appeal to me. The rest is history, and looking back, my MBA has been a significant highlight of my brief 25 year career. I never expected to enjoy the experience, or finish NZ7 (cohort number) at the top of the cohort with such a talented team. For me, once I started my MBA, it became an obsession to learn new things. Every paper was a new discovery, a discovery I wanted to know more about. It was a discovery of data, the truth, or facts over assumptions or gut-feelings. A discovery of discipline or process over short-cuts. More importantly, I felt my MBA experience changed my DNA on how to approach or solve complex problems, and I also learnt about diversity and inclusion along the way. My cohort pushed me to be better, just like my team does today. A very humble thank you to the Massey University Business School"

Dr Annette Kendall

Associate Director, McQuinn Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership
  A quote from Dr Annette Kendall's photo

A quote from Dr Annette Kendall

“Enrolling in the Massey University EMBA programme marked a dramatic turning point in my career that I could never have predicted. In 2012, when I was accepted into the program, I was employed as a Practice Manager at a large accountancy firm in Dannevirke, New Zealand. At the time, my goal was to gain a qualification that legitimised the business consultancy work I was being increasingly sought out to perform. Now, ten years later, I have a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Applied Economics and currently work as an Assistant Extension Professor at the University of Missouri in Columbia in the USA. In this role research, educate and lead initiatives focused on increasing the rate of innovation in rural Missouri. The catalyst for both entering academia and moving to another country was definitely the Massey EMBA program. The professors demanded high quality work and discussion and pushed us to not only do my best but to also strive to be the best. Endorsement of this mindset is sometimes under-valued in New Zealand and critical for individuals wishing to build a global career. Being among world-class executives within the cohort I was part of arguably had the biggest impact. Spirited debate was a cornerstone of every interaction and conflict became something I learned to appreciate and look forward to, instead of avoiding. Long sessions in which nobody agreed until the 11th hour opened my eyes to the value of debate in producing novel solutions to complex problems. I have effectively built my career on a foundation of insights, experiences, and role models provided to me by the Massey University Executive MBA.”

Sam McIvor

CEO Beef + Lamb New Zealand
 Sam McIvor's photo

Sam McIvor

"My background and early work experience was highly technical built around agricultural science. I always had a desire to move into management and leadership and the MBA provided a practical toolbox to grow my knowledge and skills. While I learn on the job I’ve found that for me really nailing knowledge and skill through dedicated time, which in the case of the MBA was, workshops, lectures, reading, assignments, reports, or a dissertation, really helps to cement learning. As managers and even more so as a CEO creating the time and techniques to really think strategically is challenging and the MBA forces that discipline on you. From a career perspective, I think the MBA gave both myself and potential employers more confidence around capability, but also signalled to employers my commitment to investing in myself which ultimately benefits their business. Lastly rubbing shoulders and growing relationships with individuals in diverse roles and businesses was not only enjoyable but built a greater understanding of the wider business community and a support network as well."

Dr Ellen Nelson

Consultant and 2023 Local Hero of the Year
 Ellen Nelson's photo

Ellen Nelson

“Doing my Massey MBA (exec) as I was coming out of the NZ Army, and into the private sector was a fantastic springboard to my future. The knowledge, experiences and connections gained greatly helped me with both my PTS Logistics, and then NZTE (Trade & Enterprise) consulting type roles, and now. Keen to keep challenging myself after the MBA dissertation (the learnings from which I practically applied at PTS), I embarked on a PhD with Massey University. This focused on the leadership and wellbeing experiences of women in the workforce, with the case study being the NZ Army. While women in the NZ Army, myself included, loved their service, there were some recurring themes of gender-based challenges. Eager to use the research to make change, I spent 18 months advising the NZ Army, providing recommendations to the Chief of the NZ Army and his Leadership and Management boards. Being asked to speak at the 2020 Massey MBA Graduation dinner (just two months after giving birth to our second child) about this journey was another springboard for me, leading to further speaking engagements. This led to an informal research project about the experiences of working parents, based on conversation with more than 500 parents. Again, I was keen to use the findings to make change and started the #workschoolhours movement, which I spoke about at TEDx Auckland in June 2022. I spent more than nine months during 2021 and 2022 as part of a high performing volunteer team (including Chris Parsons and Martin Dransfield), collaborating with the NZ Government to support the evacuation of families from Afghanistan. Our team have completed our task and evacuated 563 people to New Zealand. I now run my own business as a speaker and a consultant, with expertise in leadership, wellbeing, gender and the future of work: www.ellenjoannelson.com I am deeply passionate about improving the working world, by helping organisations to achieve socially and commercially smart outcomes. The Massey MBA, and Massey PhD journey were critical for shaping my purpose in life.”

International study tour

In the second year of your EMBA, you will travel overseas as part of a guided tour to connect you to significant firms overseas, their leaders and their operating environments.

The tour is a compulsory component of the programme, and usually includes two countries. You will work on international consulting projects and develop a sense of the opportunities that await executives. You'll learn how to position yourself and your firm for global business, and develop the global mindset required from future leaders.

The study tour is undertaken as part of the Strategic Management and International Business paper, blending the learnings in the classroom with a practical application overseas.

Massey Business School students

Enhance and develop your strategic leadership skills

Our EMBA will develop your professional capability and personal resilience to take on leadership roles. You'll become confident engaging in complex topics in your workplace, suggesting new value propositions and positioning yourself as a competent leader.

An Executive MBA is the highest professional management qualification available and distinguishes you well as a leader.

Become noticed and more relevant in your career.

If you would like more information about what study option can work for you, email mba@massey.ac.nz or speak to an MBA specialist.