Massey University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion

Massey University embraces and values diversity. We welcome all staff, students and visitors, including diverse ethnicities, colours and national origins, gender and sexually diverse persons, people in various kinds of relationships and family structures, dis/abilities, ages, political opinions, and employment. Every person deserves to be treated with respect and should be able to enjoy a working and learning environment free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation. Every staff member and student needs to be respected while being their whole self.

Massey University will benefit from employing a diverse range of people at all levels of responsibility and encourages all staff and students to support a diverse and inclusive environment.

Massey University recognises that there can be differences between their birth sex and lived gender identity, characteristics and expressions, and that these differences should be respected. Our commitment is as follows:

  • Massey respects all persons and will at no time discriminate against people on the grounds of their gender identity, gender expression or gender presentation in any way, including in employment and promotion.
  • Massey will respect the confidentiality of all trans staff and students and will not reveal potentially sensitive information without the specific consent of the individual.
  • Massey upholds the right of the individual to choose how open they wish to be about their gender identity, trans status or trans history. To ‘out’ someone is a form of harassment.
  • Requests to change name and gender records will be done promptly and handled with utmost confidentiality.
  • Any Massey documents, particularly learning material, shall not reinforce stereotypical assumptions about trans people or problematise trans identities.
  • Transphobic abuse, harassment or bullying involving staff or students are taken very seriously and will be dealt with under the Policy on Staff Conduct or Code of Student Conduct.
  • Massey will strive to reflect the diversity of its staff and students in its marketing and communications material.
  • Massey encourages all staff to undertake rainbow training, which includes gender diversity.

There is no room for discrimination and intolerance at Massey University or Aotearoa New Zealand.

Rainbow commitment

RainbowTick logo Massey University is Rainbow Tick certified. This achievement confirms our commitment to the Rainbow community, and to provide a respectful, safe and inclusive environment for its members.

All staff and students need to feel comfortable being their whole self, and to work and study without fear of harassment or discrimination. As above, we're committed to equal opportunities for everyone.

Gender-neutral facilities at Massey


Signage on gender-neutral toilets reads "Toilet / Wharepaku". These toilets are single-use toilets with lockable doors. Multi-stall single gender toilets and changing rooms signage reads either "Male" or "Female".

We have made sure facilities are available in safe locations across the campuses.

Gender-neutral toilet locations

Auckland campus
  • Oteha Rohe: Buildings 80.06 and 94.07
  • East Precinct: Library 2.30 and Mathematical sciences 2.27
  • Albany Village: L1.30
Manawatū campus
  • Library: Ground floor, main stairwell adjacent to lift
  • Student Centre: Level 2 (MUSA side)
  • Wildbase: Levels 2 and 3
  • Geography: Level 2
  • Ecology: Orchard Road entrance
Wellington campus
  • Block 5: Level C - 5C02, Level D - 5D02a, Level E - 5E29, Level F - 5F02
  • Block 6: Level B - 6B10 and Level C - 6C09a
  • SST: Level G - SSG.02
  • Block 12: Level C - 12C04

Halls of residence

Safe living spaces for all students is a priority at Massey. Our halls of residence are inclusive of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

Students staying in halls with all male or all female occupancy floors will share a room with students of the same-sex. This is irrespective of sexual orientation, disclosed or not disclosed.

Mixed-gender (gender-neutral) halls and accommodation options are available for students. These buildings consist of pod-dwellings or single-occupancy rooms on mixed gender floors. Students share bathroom facilities.

Gender-neutral accommodation is a good option for students who are transgender, intersex, or non-binary. You don't need to "out" yourself to find good, safe accommodation.

Managing work or study when you're transitioning gender

There is no one "correct" way for a person to transition gender. There are many medical, social and surgical interventions people may choose to use. Some may chose to use a slower, staged approach, while others may proceed faster. The decision is at the discretion of the person transitioning. 

If you are transitioning gender, or considering it, we want to be able to support you the best we can. To help you manage your work and/or study commitments, consider the following key aspects.


Communication with your manager and/or student support adviser is important. The information you provide will be treated as confidential. You decide what information is shared, and with whom.

University employment/student records

Staff and students may request to have their employment/student records amended to reflect a change in given name, title or gender. Your manager and/or student support adviser can guide you through this process.


If you need to take any leave, you should discuss this with your manager and/or student support adviser. Let them know the amount of leave you will take and when you will take it. You can also talk about the type of leave to take.

Policies, training and support


Massey University Policies

Equal Employment Opportunities Policy
This policy includes a commitment to equal opportunity, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity for recruitment, appointment, development and promotion, for all current and prospective employees. In addition, this policy and the Harassment and Discrimination at Work Policy, confirms the University will not tolerate any form of unfair discrimination in the workplace on any ground. The University has a zero tolerance for harassment and considers any form of harassment to be unacceptable.

Leave Policy

  • Same-sex parenting
    Massey's Leave Policy and guidance on parental leave includes primary carer leave that applies to any person regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation for the care, development and upbringing of a child under six years on a permanent basis; this may be through adoption, or home for life, or whangai.
  • Leave for medical procedures
    In accordance with individual employment contracts and the Leave Policy, individuals have the right to apply to use any leave, including but not limited to sick leave, holiday leave, leave without pay and discretionary leave, that may be required while undergoing medical treatment and transitioning gender.


Staff training

The following training sessions are available to all staff:

  • Online Rainbow Training (20 minutes)
  • Rainbow Leadership Training (two hours)

Log in to MyHR to book your Rainbow training

Rainbow and allies

To make a general enquiry, please email:

Campus contacts for students
Massey Pride

Auckland campus:


Manawatū campus:

Wellington campus: