Our campuses are currently closed to the public. Visit www.massey.ac.nz/coronavirus for our COVID-19 updates

Teaching and learning update - impact of coronavirus

New Zealand is now at COVID-19 Alert Level 4.

University campuses closed to students and mid-semester break starts early

The University has now commenced mid-semester break, which will be brought forward to allow you the opportunity to focus on yourself and your family at this difficult time. When the semester recommences on April 20, as originally planned, the University will move to online delivery. The University campuses are now closed to all students.

  • There will be no face-to face teaching from Tuesday 24 March.
  • All classes that require specialist equipment, labs or studios are suspended and your course coordinators will be in touch to explain what this means for your specific course.
  • Courses that have moved online will resume after semester break, so please continue to engage with your studies from home.
  • All assessment due dates will be rescheduled until after mid-semester break, and further information on final exams will be released shortly.
  • The Library and other student services will be open for online services only.
  • All face-to-face services will be stopped from Tuesday 24 March.
  • Recreation centres, daycare centres and food services, other than catering services for our students in halls, will also be closed from Tuesday 24 March.

Please check Stream and this website for further updates.


Our Library services have also moved online so you will still be able to access a huge number of electronic journal articles and ebooks – and the Library will be purchasing extra copies of ebooks during this period.

Library staff are still available to help with finding information, or with any other questions you may have, although the distance students’ book courier service has stopped. For more information on the services available, including booking an appointment with Library staff, visit the Library website.

What now?

Stay home, check info regularly

At Alert Level 4, you should stay at home.

Regularly check:

Get help with study

  • Contact your course coordinator via Stream if you need any help with online learning.
  • Academic support services remain available for all our students, including online appointments and  assignment pre-reading service.

Health and counselling

Student health and counselling is still available, but appointments will be by phone, Skype, Zoom or WeChat. We know this service is more important than ever and we encourage you to make use of it.

Student services

The Library and other student services are open for online services only. Recreation centres, daycare centres and food services are closed (catering services for our students in halls remain open).

Changes to your study at Alert Level 4

How will I know if my class will be taught online?

Your course coordinators will communicate with you via Stream to explain exactly how this will work for your specific course. 

Does this also affect tutorial, contact workshops and block courses?

Yes it does. Your course coordinators will communicate with you via Stream to explain exactly how this will work for your specific course. 

What if I require special equipment, labs or studios for my class?

All classes that require specialist equipment, labs or studios are suspended and your course coordinators will be in touch to explain what this means for your specific course. 

Do the new semester break dates apply to those studying via distance?  

Yes this applies to all Massey students. This is to give all our staff and students the opportunity to focus on whānau at this time. 

What happens to the two weeks of classes we miss because of the extended mid-semester break? 

We’ve brought forward the start of mid-semester break, but semester will recommence on April 20, as originally planned. We're still working through what the rest of the semester will look like, but you will have all your required course content delivered to you.

Changes on campus at Alert Level 4

What if I need to return my library book?  

We suggest holding onto your book for now and renewing it online.  

Are the University’s health and counselling services still operating? 

Our health services are continuing to operate, but are currently only offering online services. 

COVID-19 and studying online from overseas

How will the University facilitate my online learning if required?

If you are selecting courses in your online portal and still intend to come to NZ, you may remain in the internal offering of the relevant course. Additional online materials may be available on Stream for you to access. 

When you arrive in New Zealand you may continue your qualification in the face-to-face classes.

In some cases, a particular course cannot be completed online and you will be encouraged to switch to an alternative course. 

Please contact the National Contact Centre on +64 6 350 5701 to speak to our staff about your study options. 

The Massey Digital Innovation Team has undertaken work to improve the stability of Stream (Massey’s online learning environment) in China for this period.

What if I have difficulty studying offshore for Semester One?

Massey has worked hard to identify courses that students can study online while offshore and your study should now be underway. If you still need help choosing courses or are having any difficulties please contact us.

Students impacted by the travel restrictions as a result of the Coronavirus who experience difficulties studying online and withdraw after the fees refund eligibility period will be able to enrol in that course (or in an approved equivalent) one further time with no additional cost in the next available semester.

Under these unique and challenging circumstances it is important that affected students stay in contact with staff at Massey and share any difficulties they are experiencing. Massey will be providing additional monitoring of affected students’ progress and will contact students who require further assistance.

PhD students who are currently based overseas and are having difficulties travelling to New Zealand should contact the Graduate Research School for further support.

Who do I contact to discuss my study options/alternative arrangements?

Please contact the National Contact Centre on 0800 Massey (0800 627 739 from within New Zealand and +64 6 350 5701 from outside New Zealand).

What should I do if I am having issues connecting to Stream?

Please be assured that we are working on multiple options to help alleviate this experience. Please continue to use Stream by trying to log on multiple times and at different times of the day to gain access while we work on improving this connectivity for you.

Will the Chinese Education Authorities still recognise my qualification if I am required to learn online?

Online learning undertaken as a result of disruption to study due to the coronavirus outbreak will be approved by the Chinese Education Authorities and will not impact the recognition of your qualification, obtained at Massey, on your return to China. 

The Chinese Education Authorities have confirmed this approval for online learning applies to a maximum of four undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses up to a maximum of 60 credits, selected for the Semester One study period only (from Feb – July 2020). 

When is the latest I can enrol and is there any flexibility on this?

If you are a student affected by the coronavirus situation, we are offering flexibility with admission and enrolment dates. 

The last day to apply for course enrolment is now Monday 9 March. However, we strongly advise you to enrol as soon as possible. In most cases, if you are unable to travel to New Zealand you will be assisted to commence your studies online. If you are an affected student please contact us for more advice. 

What do I do if I am enrolled in Semester One study and cannot travel?

We know this has affected many of our students and we want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to help you to continue with your studies. Massey University has world-class online learning facilities, and you may be able to continue your studies off-campus. Please contact the National Contact Centre on +64 6 350 5701 to speak to our staff about your study options.

What do I do if I am an international PhD student who cannot return to New Zealand due to travel restrictions?

Please keep the Graduate Research School informed by emailing doctoral.office@massey.ac.nz

What if I have ordered a book and cannot collect it?

If Campus Books have a firm order for a hard copy textbook and the publisher has an ebook version then Campus Books can seek permission for the student to access the ebook version until they are able to collect the hard copy textbook.

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