Aegrotat and impaired performance consideration , Ngā ture whakamātautau

Let us know if you were ill or injured or if you faced some other challenge around the time of your assessments or exams. This includes both situations where you didn’t take the assessment and situations where you didn't perform as well as you normally would.

We can take your situation into account, and in some cases we may be able to give you another opportunity to complete or retake the assessment or to adjust your grades.

  • Apply for an aegrotat if you've missed your exam or assessment.
  • Apply for impaired performance consideration if you sat the exam or completed the assessment, but the situation meant you didn't perform as well as you normally would.

You may also want to have your exam paper marked again or returned to you. You can do this after you get your results.

Find out how to get your paper re-marked or returned

Reasons for applying

The types of circumstances we might be able to take into account are those not in your control and that affect your study significantly. For example:

  • serious short-term illness or recent injury
  • recent bereavement
  • recent illness of close friends or family members
  • other specific circumstances outside your control.

Please give us as many details as you can in the description box of your application so that we can understand your specific circumstances and how they have affected you. We may need to ask you to provide evidence that supports your situation which may include:

  • medical certificates
  • death certificates
  • newspaper death/funeral notices
  • a statement from a funeral director
  • police or legal documents
  • email attestations made by others – please provide these people’s contact details and let them know we may contact them to verify the information they have provided.

Assessments covered

You can apply for aegrotat or impaired performance consideration for any assessment. However, usually the assessment needs to count for at least 10% of your final course grade to be considered.

Apply for aegrotat or impaired performance consideration

To apply for an aegrotat or impaired performance consideration:


Go to the Student support tab.


Click the Create new request button.


Click the option button next to Consideration for a remedy, alternative exam arrangement or assessment extension request due to personal circumstances, such as illness, injury, disability, or learning impairment that has impacted or will impact my current study.


Complete the form and click the Submit button.

You should try to submit your application no more than 2 weeks after your assessment or exam.

If you need assistance with filling in the form, please view the following online guide.

How to apply for specific circumstances guide

If we need more evidence to assess your application, we will notify you through the student portal.

As per the Privacy Disclosure Statement, the information you provide us will be kept confidential among the relevant university staff.

Outcomes of applications

Your college will assess your application and consider your circumstances. Ultimately we need to make a judgement about whether you have met the learning outcomes of the course.

  • If there is an option to complete or retake your assessment, your course coordinator will contact you about this.
  • If a grade adjustment is an option this may not be performed until the end of the course, as your achievement across the course will need to be considered.
  • Sometimes we cannot change your grade or offer you the opportunity to complete/retake the assessment even though you genuinely had circumstances affecting your achievement. This often happens when students have not been able to show they have met the learning outcomes through their other work in the course. Unfortunately this means that not all successful submissions result in a passing grade.

When your college has considered your application, you'll get an email telling you what the outcome of your application is. Each course that you have made an application for will have an outcome that will be shown on your email as well on the Student support tab in the student portal.

What outcomes you might be given:


Depending on your achievements across the course, the outcome may be:

  • An extension or another opportunity to complete the assessment or an alternative assessment.
  • An aegrotat pass (AG), if you have completed at least 40 per cent of the total course assessment and if your achievements in the course suggest you have sufficiently met the learning outcomes.
  • A letter grade. This may be an option if you have completed at least 60 per cent of the total assessment for the course and your achievement in the course enables an estimate of your final grade to be determined. The final grade awarded may be a passing or a failing letter grade, or an AG pass.
  • A grade of DC (did not complete) if you haven’t completed enough of the rest of the course to determine you have met the course learning outcomes.

Impaired performance

Your college may give you an opportunity to repeat the assessment or may award you a passing or failing grade for the assessment after considering:

  • your overall achievement in the course
  • how the rest of your class performed in the assessment.

Appealing the outcome

You can appeal an aegrotat or impaired performance outcome. Email the Chief Examiner of your college within 2 weeks of getting your result. You may also be able to reply through the portal. If you don’t know who the Chief Examiner is for your college please email your appeal to