Aegrotat and impaired performance consideration , Ngā ture whakamātautau

Let us know if you've missed an exam or assessment, or a personal emergency or illness affected your performance. We can take your situation into account, and in some cases adjust your course grade.

If you're ill or injured around the time of your assessments or exams, or you have a personal emergency like a bereavement, we can sometimes make adjustments to your grade to account for the situation.

  • Apply for an aegrotat if you've missed your exam or assessment.
  • Apply for impaired performance consideration if you sat the exam or assessment, but your circumstances stopped you from doing as well as you might have.

You may also want get your exam paper marked again or returned to you. You can do this after you get your results.

Find out how to get your paper re-marked or returned

Reasons for applying

You can apply for an aegrotat or impaired performance consideration because of any circumstances that made it hard for you to concentrate, think clearly or put aside a strong emotion around the time of your assessment. These might include:

  • serious short-term illness
  • recent injury
  • recent bereavement
  • recent illness of close friends or family members
  • other exceptional circumstances outside your control.

Assessments covered

You can apply for aegrotat or impaired performance consideration for:

  • final exams
  • mid-semester tests
  • internal assessments
  • other formal assessments that take place at a fixed time.

Assignments don’t usually qualify for aegrotat or impaired performance consideration. Ask your course coordinator for an extension instead.

An assessment needs to count for more than 10 per cent of your final course grade to be considered. Talk to your course coordinator if you've missed an assessment worth less than 10 per cent of your grade, or you feel your performance was impaired. They may be able to arrange for you to do the assessment another time. They might need to see evidence, like a medical certificate.

Apply for aegrotat or impaired performance consideration

Applying for aegrotat or impaired performance consideration during the COVID-19

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Massey students all over the world, and may mean it's difficult to meet our usual rules and requirements. We've changed our application process to make things simpler.

Fill out the Aegrotat or impaired performance – ongoing pandemic application form and send it to us as normal, in the Results and exams tab in the student portal. However:

  • you may not need to provide any evidence of your illness, injury or personal circumstances, unless you have it ready
  • you may not need to get your application form witnessed
  • you should try to submit your application no more than two weeks after your assessment or exam – but we understand this may not always be possible, and we'll take your circumstances into account.

How to submit your form:

  • Log in to the student portal
  • Go to the Results and Exams tab at the top of the screen
  • Under the Exceptional Circumstances heading, click Apply for aegrotat, impaired performance, exam script return or exam re-mark
  • Click on Create new application
  • Select your application Type, Reason and Course from the available menus
  • Upload your documents by clicking Browse your computer, then click Upload.

All the information you provide on your form will be confidential.

Outcomes of applications

Your college will assess your application and consider your circumstances when they recommend your final grade.

When your college has considered your application, you'll get an email telling you whether or not your result has been changed.

What grades you might get


If your college believes you would have passed your course if you'd completed the missed assessment, you'll either get an Aegrotat Pass (AG), or be awarded a letter grade.

  • You need to have passed at least 40 per cent of the total assessment for your course to get an AG pass. If you have passed less than this, you're not likely to have achieved the learning outcomes for the course.
  • If you've passed at least 60 per cent of the total assessment for your course, your college may be able to consider giving you either an AG pass or a letter grade.

If you don't get a pass grade, you'll either:

  • be offered an opportunity to do the assessment at a later time, or
  • get a Did not complete (DC) fail grade.

Impaired performance

Your college will give you a grade after considering:

  • your marks in all the course assessments
  • how the rest of your class performed in the assessment.

Appealing the decision

You can appeal the result of an aegrotat or impaired performance request. Write a letter to the Chief Examiner of your college within four weeks of getting your result.

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