Rules for exams , Ngā Ture Whakamātautau

Know the rules you need to follow in your exams at Massey.

This page contains some of the most important rules you need to follow if you're sitting an exam at Massey. For a full list of rules, read our official exam regulations.

See Massey's exam regulations

Exam rules

Massey's exam rules state:

  1. Students must not communicate with teachers or course coordinators regarding any aspect of their assessment until after grade release. Any communication required should be emailed to

  2. Phones and cell phones are not permitted to be used unless specified in individual exams.

  3. Candidates may not communicate with another person while their assessment is in process.

  4. All students must abide by the honesty declaration outlined in their assessment.

  5. Students must follow all instructions provided in the assessment.

  6. Where required, students must display valid photographic identification from an official source. The student should be clearly identifiable in the photograph.

  7. Students sitting online supervised exams (OSE's) must have a camera that is capable of being moved in such a way to give a complete scan of the entire room and desk surface. Lack of such a room scan may result in an integrity breach.

  8. Headphones are not permitted. Use of headphones may result in an integrity breach.

  9. Use of any online tools or sites that offer assistance with creating written responses in assessments are not permitted. This includes but is not limited to:

    - translation tools
    - dictionaries (hard copy included)
    - grammar and spell checkers
    - paraphrasing tools
    - text generators.

    Use of any of these could result in an integrity breach.

  10. Any candidate, who, because of illness, bereavement, or critical personal circumstance at the time of the examination, wishes to apply for consideration of an aegrotat or impaired performance, can do so by completing the prescribed application form on the Massey website, and taking such other steps as the regulations demand.

    Learn how to apply for an aegrotat or impaired performance consideration

Exam timetable codes

The letters next to your exam title in your timetable have the following meanings:

  • CP means calculators are allowed. You can use any type of calculator, including programmable ones.
  • CON means the exam is held as confidential and will not be released to the library as a study resource.

Ask Assessment Services at if you're not sure what's allowed in your exam.