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Learn when you'll get your results in the student portal, and how to get your exam marked again or get your answers returned to you.


Get your final results on the Results and exams tab in the student portal. They'll be released as soon as they become available.

Find the release dates of final grades this semester

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Understanding your results

Check our Assessment and Exam Regulations to find out if your grade is a pass or fail.

Find out what your grades mean

Re-marks of exams

If you want to make sure you've been given the right grade in a final exam, you can pay to get an examiner to mark your exam again. If your grade goes up, we'll refund the fee to you.

Find out how much it costs to get an exam re-marked

Please note:

  • you need to apply within 4 weeks of your grade being published
  • you can only request a re-mark for an exam once
  • payment of the fee must accompany the application.

Before you apply we suggest you contact your course coordinator to discuss whether requesting a re-mark might be beneficial. You should do this after your final grade has been released.

If you have concerns about possible errors in the calculation of your final mark please contact your course coordinator.

How exam re-marking works

An examiner will go through your exam answers carefully, and change your grade if necessary. They won't have access to any information about you.

Your grade might go up or down, or it might not change.

How to request an exam re-mark

Request a re-mark in the Results and exams tab in the student portal.

You'll usually get the re-mark results within six weeks of applying.

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Enrolling in courses while waiting for a re-mark

It's important not to delay enrolling in courses for next semester while you wait for the results of a re-mark – act as though your original grade is right. If your grade does change, you may be able to change your courses.

Re-marks of coursework

For re-marks of assignments, oral exams, mid-semester tests or other types of assessment you will need to contact your course coordinator to request a re-mark.

For coursework to be eligible for re-marking it must:

(a) be the original work submitted for assessment together with the marker's comments

(b) normally contribute at least 15% towards the final grade for the course

(c) must have been formally assessed only once previously

(d) be submitted within 1 week from the date of release of the original assessment result.

Find out more about re-marks of assignments, mid-semester tests or other types of assessments

Getting your exam answers returned

The return of exam script process was originally designed for paper-based exams. For online exams if you uploaded a document, and no longer have it saved on your computer, you can pay to get your exam answers back. This service is only available for final exams – not tests, assignments or other kinds of assessment. The fee is non-refundable.

Find out how much it costs to get your exam answers back

What will be returned to you

For online exams you'll get an exact copy of the answers you submitted for marking. You won't see:

  • any marks, marker’s notes or model answers
  • a copy of the questions that were asked
  • answers to multiple choice or short answer questions.

How to request your exam answers

Request your answers in the Results and exams tab in the student portal. You can do this up to four weeks after you get your original results.

You'll usually receive any answers you have requested between six and ten weeks after you get your results.

Unsatisfactory academic progress

If your results show you haven't made good academic progress, you may not be allowed to re-enrol in a course for a period of time.

In more serious cases, you may be excluded from your qualification, your college or the university. Discuss your options with your tutor if you're worried about your academic progress.

Read Massey's regulations on unsatisfactory academic progress

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