Timetables, clashes and exam changes , Wātaka, oruatanga, panoni

Get the dates of this semester's exam period. Learn when to get your exam timetable in the student portal, what happens if you have a clash and how to request to change the time of an exam.

How to get your complete exam timetable

1, Find out when your exam period is

Massey has an exam period at the end of each semester. If your courses have exams or assessments, they'll take place between these dates.

Get exam dates for this semester

2, Find your personal exam timetable in the student portal

You'll be able to see your exam timetable in the student portal, usually by the end of week four each semester. Find it in the Results and exams tab.

Log in to the student portal

Please note that 'exam due date' listed in Stream is the date when the exam will finish. In some cases the exam or assessment will start the day before.

Exam dates and start times are included in your personal exam timetable in the student portal.

3, If you don’t see an exam or assessment in your timetable, contact your coordinator

If you don’t see an entry in your timetable it means your final assessment/exam is managed by your College.

In this case, contact your coordinator to find out when the assessment will take place.
You can also check your course Stream site for this information

What time should you sit exams overseas?

If you’re sitting your Massey exams outside New Zealand, the start dates and times on your timetable will be in your local time.

For example, if your exam is scheduled for 2.30pm, sit your exam at 2.30pm your local time.

Travelling home at the end of the semester

We won't change your exam date because of travel plans. If you're travelling home or going on holiday at the end of the semester, book your travel after the end of the exam period.

Clashes in exam times

If two of your exams are scheduled at the same time, we'll make special arrangements so you can sit both. This might mean you need to do two exams on the same day.

Exams with time clashes will be marked with an asterisk (*) in your timetable.

If you're worried about the arrangements we've made for an exam time clash, email Assessment Services.

Email: exams@massey.ac.nz

Changing exam dates or times

We generally don't change exam dates and times for students - university commitments like exams should be your priority while you're studying. We can sometimes make exceptions when circumstances are beyond your control.

You can request a change of date or time in the Results and exams tab in the student portal. Do this as soon as you can once the exam timetable has been published. You'll need to give evidence that you can't sit the exam at the date and time it's scheduled.

If your request is successful, we'll rearrange your exam for within 24 hours of the original date and time – unless there's a reason this isn't possible.

Supporting evidence for exam date or time change requests

The type of evidence we need to change your exam date or time depends on the reason for your request.

Professional commitments

If you have to miss your exam because of a work commitment, send us:

  • a formal letter from your employer explaining the situation
  • full contact details of your employer.

Elite sporting commitments

If you're chosen to take part in an elite sporting event, we need:

  • a formal letter from your coach that confirms your selection and the date of the event
  • full contact details of your coach.


You can rearrange your exam if it's scheduled on the same day as a wedding, and you are the:

  • bride or groom
  • best man or a groomsman
  • maid of honour or a bridesmaid
  • parent, guardian, brother or sister of the bride or groom.

You need to send us:

  • a copy of the wedding invitation
  • a formal letter from the bride or groom explaining your relationship with them
  • full contact details of the bride or groom.

Legal commitments

If you have legal commitments, like jury duty or being a witness in a trial, you can rearrange your exam. Send us a formal record of your summons as evidence.

Military duties

If you're called for military duty, your Education Officers may be able to arrange for you to sit your exam on your military base. If this isn't possible, you need to provide us with:

  • a formal letter from a military representative explaining why you need to change your exam time or date
  • full contact details of your military representative.

Religious reasons

You can rearrange your exam if you have religious commitments that stop you from attending. Send us:

  • a formal letter from a religious representative, like your priest or imam, confirming that you're a regular and practising member of their organisation
  • full contact details of your religious representative.

Other events

We may be able to rearrange your exam if there's another situation or event that means you can't sit it at the time it's scheduled. Provide us with as much evidence as you can.