Guanyu Ran

Doctor of Philosophy, (Social Policy)
Study Completed: 2021
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Family Finds a Way: Experiences of Multigenerational Transnational New Chinese Immigrant Families in New Zealand

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There is increasing academic interest in the wellbeing and functioning of transnational immigrant families. Through engaging with the individual life stories and perspectives across generations of new People’s Republic of China (PRC) immigrant families living in New Zealand, Mr Ran’s research sought to understand how transnational migration experiences contribute to new emergent domestic dynamics of immigrant families. His research analysed the formation of diverse transnational family experiences by effectively intersecting multistranded factors, such as individual transnational migratory trajectories, intergenerational dynamics, immigration policy regimes, and the broader socioeconomic developments in both sending and receiving contexts. While this PRC case poses intriguing perspectives and culturally-specific scenarios to study immigrant families in New Zealand society, more importantly, it also contributes to the broad theorisation of transnational family formation and maintenance in an increasingly globalised world.

Professor Michael Belgrave
Dr Liangni Sally Liu
Dr Trudie Cain