Gabriele Frigerio Porta

Doctor of Philosophy, (Statistics)
Study Completed: 2020
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Statistical models for multihazards

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The interaction of natural hazards within the same space and time window has been inadequately researched, leading to underestimations of potential consequences for both New Zealand and international communities. Quantitative multi-hazard methodologies are yet to be fully established, given the complex yet limited data available. Mr Frigerio Porta produced a quantitative framework using point processes as the key tool and developed the concept of ‘hazard potential’ to generalise hazard interactions in space and time. This allowed event outcomes to be simulated.
Employing two case studies on rainfall or earthquake-induced landslides and landslide dams, Mr Frigerio Porta proved that it is possible to quantitatively evaluate the interaction among natural hazards. He demonstrated how each triggering hazard effects the occurrence of secondary ones and produced forecasts of interacting natural hazards.

Professor Mark Bebbington
Professor Geoff Jones
Dr Xun Xiao