Winifereti Nainoca

Doctor of Philosophy, (Resource and Environmental Planning)
Study Completed: 2011
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
The influence of the Fijian way of life (bula vakavanua) on community-based marine conservation (CBMC) in Fiji, with a focus on social capital and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK)

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Community-based conservation is picking up momentum globally. Ms Nainoca investigated the influence of the indigenous Fijian way of life on community-based marine conservation (CBMC) in Fiji. From her findings, Ms Nainoca used the common Fiji mud crab as a metaphor to illustrate interconnectedness in an indigenous Fijian world, in which kinship plays a crucial role. She argues that the Fijian way of life, like the crab, has to adapt to external changes to survive, and remain relevant. This adaptation can be facilitated by dialogue (talanoa) through which CBMC stakeholders can share, reflect upon and reframe their worldviews, perceptions and ultimately practices, for the success of CBMC. The findings from this research have implications for, and relevance to other community-based conservation sites.

Professor Bruce Glavovic
Professor Glenn Banks
Associate Professor Trisia Farrelly