Maren Klum

Doctor of Clinical Psychology
Study Completed: 2012
College of Humanities & Social Sciences


Thesis Title
Coping in Caregivers of Family Members with Traumatic Brain Injury & the Effects on the Caregiver's
Quality of Life

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Traumatic Brain Injury is a significant health problem in New Zealand. It affects not only the patient but also the family, especially the main caregiver. Mrs Klum investigated coping in family caregivers and how the use of specific coping strategies affects their mental health and Quality of Life. She found that more than one third of participants showed symptoms of depression and anxiety and had a lower Quality of Life than the general public. This was related to the use of either emotion-focused or problem-focused coping, which also varied over time. Individual coping styles were also related to individual Quality of Life domains in different ways. The results give a better understanding of how caregivers cope and will assist in designing interventions aimed at supporting caregivers and their families.

Associate Professor Heather Kempton
Associate Professor Paul Merrick